Comprehensive Personality Profile

  • Comprehensive Personality Profile

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This comprehensive personality profile offers you one of the best, most insightful tools into one's personality, even your own. This report reaches back to BIRTH throughout today and provides an in-depth look at the personality behind the pen. This report averages 7 pages in length. It's like reading a book about your life. This profile offers one of the best tools for self-awareness, self-knowledge, and clarity in your personal, professional, and even spiritual development.

If you are considering or currently receiving mental health treatment or psychological therapy, this report can be given to your therapist to help streamline your treatment plans and goals, and likely save you years of time and thousands of dollars!

This is also very popular with those researching their family history - whether through DNA tests, ancestry, or other genealogy tools. It's a great family heirloom that allows people to get to know a deceased ancestor they otherwise wouldn't have. This profile is also a great way to fully screen your potential mate, employee, tenant, or business partner. It is a great way to determine if someone is truly suicidal or manipulating you, or how likely someone is to carry out acts of violence based on their behavior or verbal threats.

If you are a lawyer, this provides an in-depth look at your client. If you are a family law attorney, this is a great way to see which parent is best for the child for custody issues.

After check out, you will receive EZ instructions via email on how to submit the handwriting sample. After the sample is received, your results will be emailed to you within hours.

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