The Initiation - an Autobiography

  • The Initiation - an Autobiography
  • The Initiation - an Autobiography
  • The Initiation - an Autobiography

Dr. Mozelle Martin has been an international forensic expert for over 30 years. As a now-retired trauma therapist, she understands the power of forgiveness. Not forgiving others and ourselves only keeps us anxious, angry, depressed, codependent with others, and paranoid. However, despite a successful career, her personal story is one full of exhaustive challenges and tragedies. In this autobiography, Mozelle describes some of her most life-shattering experiences. She openly shares the detours and derailments that destroyed personal and professional relationships while simultaneously forcing her into authenticity.

Adopted at birth, Mozelle is the only child of two wealthy alcoholics. Raised in a haunted 1800s Victorian hotel, Mozelle credits the spirit world for helping her survive the brutal bullying, abuse, and tormenting grief that nearly consumed her.

After an out-of-body dream landed Mozelle in the hospital, she revolted from organized religion and followed a more spiritual path. As an adult, Mozelle continued to live with “invisible roommates” who helped her survive a stalker and outsmart a hired gun. She details numerous unexplainable experiences with the spirit world and shares over 250 photos throughout her life.

Written somewhat diary-style, Mozelle talks openly about relentless anger, paralyzing anxiety, self-sabotage, challenging codependency, and the difficulty of forgiveness. She shares the need she once had to collect “project people” as a way to feel accepted and how being a “control freak” helped her feel safe. Thankfully, that was decades ago. Since forgiving others and herself with the help of what some refer to as God or the Universe, her inner peace has led to many amazing opportunities.

This book is not about blaming others or seeking commiseration. Instead, Mozelle bravely reveals her raw vulnerability along the journey of self-discovery. Through her pain, Mozelle became a passionate advocate for animals, and in this book, she recounts her most daring rescue mission.

Finally, Mozelle talks about her extensive research into ancient DNA and how it became the most powerful healing modality of her entire therapeutic process.

Although you will wait in wild anticipation with every turn of the page, the purpose of this book is to help YOU survive the messiness of life, forgive, and ultimately appreciate your own initiation toward inner peace and happiness.

* Some details, names & locations were changed to protect her children *