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Girl Behind the Fence - Fear

  • Girl Behind the Fence - Fear
  • Girl Behind the Fence - Fear

Fear-based illnesses are the most common mental disorders. In fact, statistical information reveals that 15 million people in the United States and up to 792 million people worldwide are affected by fears and phobias. So, whether you are terrified of heights, bugs, public speaking, or anything else… you are definitely not alone.

Stigmas, perceptions, and misconceptions that follow mental illness can be debilitating, often locking people into "the system" and over-loading them with psychological medications.

The good news is that the tips & tools in this book can help you avoid the stigma so you can effectively deal with your fear at home. Or, if you are currently seeking therapy, this book can enhance your current treatment plan. In fact, 19 million Americans have a specific phobia, and many of them have more than one.

Fear is found under the category of "phobia" but what is a phobia? It is an overwhelming, irrational, and persistent fear of something that is of little to no danger, yet we avoid the object or situation at all costs. Phobias include anxiety disorders but can also include post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive, and other related illnesses.

Per the National Institute of Mental Health:

* 19 million (9.1%) Americans have a specific phobia, and many have more than one phobia.
* 5.5% of the teenage population is afflicted by social fears.
* After 10 years of suffering, only 40% actually seek treatment.
* Specific phobias general appear in early childhood, around age 7.
* Traumatic events and stress can trigger the development of fear.
* Women are 2X more likely than men to have fears or phobias.

By exploring the symptoms in the enclosed questionnaire, you will be better able to decide if seeking cognitive-behavioral or exposure therapy is a good option for you.

Inside this book are the stories of women from around the world who have struggled with fear, just like you. Their personal stories, tips, and tools may be just what you need to make life a little easier.

In fact, that's why this book exists.