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Handwriting of Serial Killers Paperback

  • Handwriting of Serial Killers Paperback

This book gives a quick reference to those who are interested in serial killers, forensics, and for those who collect autographs. Think of this as a "collector" book that holds a museum of handwriting samples from 108 of the world's most notorious killers including you may have never heard of. As a 30 year international forensic handwriting expert I have seen thousands of samples. Many were obtained while working as a Forensic Mental Health Professional in correctional settings and as an officer in a male medium-maximum security prison. Of these handwriting samples, about 85% were Schizoid Killers (those who murdered in cold blood and pre-planned their mission to do so). There are several types of Schizoid killers described within and they include the "Charmer," "Ambition," "Secret," "Obsessive," "Criminal," and ""Destroyer" types. This book is also an excellent companion to my new "Housecall Analyst" series that can teach you how to forensically analyze the handwriting of anyone.