Trauma Assessment through Projective Drawings

  • Trauma Assessment through Projective Drawings

* Results are Delivered Electronically within 72 business hours *

This service is better than a verbal forensic interview because it does NOT require the child, teen, or adult to TALK about their trauma, which can be a catalyst for re-traumatization. Instead, most people consider drawing to be relaxing and they can draw specific items (we guide you through that) while being safely alone in their thoughts. Using this can assist therapists and avoid "projection" of their feelings, concerns, and thoughts into their clients, and vice versa. This form of forensic interviews (projective drawing) provides responses to ambiguous scenes, words, people, and images. The goal is to uncover the hidden conflicts and emotions that are causing emotional and / or physical discomfort by assessing them on paper.

After check out, you will receive EZ instructions via email on how to submit the handwriting sample. After the sample is received, your results will be emailed to you within hours.

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